Want to sell 10x more? Focus on Google!

The big problem with the popularization of Instagram is that small business owners believe that it will be the only solution to leverage their business. But it's not , Google has always been and for a long time will be the successful tool for any company.

Instagram and Facebook have their features, but initially should stay in the background.

Will Facebook break?

When it popped, I remember that everyone looked to us to create design, get likes and promote the brand on Facebook pages. A lot of money was invested to gain followers, acquire more and more numbers. As if the number of followers defines the amount of sales.

When Facebook started to scale back and deliver to a smaller audience, what were we going to do with that amount of followers? those numbers were worthless.

Facebook is a company, it needs to make a profit, its shareholders expect that. That's why they intentionally lowered organic reach , so that you sponsor , and worse, to the same audience you already had.

Will it happen to Instagram?

Yes, it's already happening, it's the same company and they need to make a profit, and they only earn when you boost posts.

So friend, remember those pages with 1 million likes on Facebook and today they are useless. This will happen in the future with Instagram.

So, if you're spending all your energy and money building an audience, and think about monetizing it in the future, remember that the sponsored budget should be constant and will always be more expensive to drive.

It is not my objective to delve into the subject, but to give an overview of what is happening.

What is the solution

I believe that to build a brand, with a good return in the short and medium term , you need to mix the tools.


Is that right, in full 2022 create website or blog? Your company needs this . A well-structured, organized website, with all the information about your business, with quality content, can position you better among the first ones on Google, and whoever appears first sells more.

Canal do Youtube

If you are planning to sell any digital product, the Youtube channel is essential. But remember, the more free content you create, the better for your business.

Not to mention that we are in the era of videos, so much has never been invested in audiovisual, so combining social networks, a Youtube channel, a well-made website, with a well-produced institutional video, can change the reality of your business.

And finally, the secret to success .

It was called Google Adwords , now shortened to Google Ads . This continues to be the main sales tool in the world.

Google campaigns show the ad when the person is searching about , when they have a pain.

– What is the best weight loss product? Then your advertisement appears.

The only tool in the world , which provided the solution to all pains , or at least try to.

Facebook and Instagram are mass media, not immediate solution-oriented advertisements . The only tool that solves the pain at the exact moment is Google. Is your business ready for Google?

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