The TaticWeb team thinks about every detail , we believe that good planning is essential for the success of the project . Using the best tools , methods and innovating online sales tactics makes all the difference.

Why invest in social networks?

Communicating well and with creativity is one of the most effective tools in the business strategy of winning and keeping customers, in any area of activity. Today, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main channels of information, surpassing traditional media. With a good positioning on social media, your company only tends to win!

Instagram data for businesses

Instagram has 1 billion active users every month;

83% of Instagram users use the platform to discover products and services;

71% of Instagram users are under 35;

Instagram can generate interactions up to four times more powerful than those generated on Facebook

500 million users use Stories every day and 1/3 most viewed are from companies;

Instagram helps 80% of its users purchase products or services;

Main reasons companies use social media:

- 83% Online Visibility

- 63% Interaction with the public

Main benefits of having social networks:

- 77% Brand awareness

- 63% Audience engagement

- 50% increase in blog or website traffic

- 48% Increase in the number of sales and customers

Main reasons companies do not act on social networks:

- 27% Don't have enough staff

- 35% Don't have time to manage

- 11% do not have enough knowledge

- 3% do not see results

- 34% Could not answer/other reasons


R$SOLICITE / Monthly
  • 4 monthly posts
  • Ads Boost
  • Monthly reports
  • Visual identity for social networks


R$SOLICITE / Monthly
  • 8 monthly posts
  • Ads Boost
  • Visual identity creation
  • Visual identity for social networks
  • Monthly reports
  • Google campaigns
  • Facebook and Instagram campaigns